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Genre : Psych Rock

Location : Brooklyn, New York


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Originally from Australia, frontman Zebedee Row (guitar/vocals) grew up in a family of musicians and began playing whatever instrument he could get his hands on by age 8. Row’s heart was stolen by New York City and he was quickly welcomed into the indie/DIY music scene abundantly thriving in modern day Brooklyn.
Today, he is joined by Victor de la Garza (drums) a jazz trained musician from Mexico City. Michael Benham, another experienced player from New Hampshire, has worked with the likes of Victor Wooten. Also accompanying on guitar is Kelsey Van Mook, known as a top model in the fashion world, and the wild card amongst the band.

Their songs are rollicking romps through 70s-era rock 'n' roll, without ever feeling canned or over baked -   The Deli Magazine

The upcoming album, recorded at Brooklyn’s H  oly Fang , is a hard hitting combination of straight rock n’ roll, blues music and psychedelic  rock. At times, Tame Impala comes to mind as a straight comparison, but then frontman Row wails like Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant (interestingly enough, Zebedee played Robert Plant in HBO’s series VINYL ). Screeching guitar solos take the forefront, melding indie psych rock with the classic rock n’ roll that took the world by storm during the 1960s. Drawing influence from Radiohead and contemporaries like Tame Impala and Kurt Vile, Zebedee challenges the constructs of modern rock n’ roll by melding influences, past and present, to create something that stands out against the rest in the over saturated indie market. 


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