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Genre : Hip Hop

Location : New York City, New York


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August 22nd 1990, born to a struggling single mother in the drug and crime-infested streets of New York City, TruRebel Migs laid his young head within several Bronx Public Housing apartment complexes until finally landing back in the Hell’s Kitchen - Amsterdam Housing Projects in 1996 where his immediate family started. Growing up in a post-crack epidemic underprivileged community at the height of mass incarceration where role models are perilous and the New York City Public High School system produces more 3-Letter homegrown gang members than graduates, TruRebel Migs quickly found himself participating in clandestine street undertakings with his 93' Gangster burgundy specific Harlem associates. It was not until he was 16 years old, where he underwent a life altering family experience, sparking a paradigm shift in his search for purpose, propelling him toward personal growth and out of the Projects. Now 2,800 miles away from home, living in the Los Angeles area, TruRebel Migs found himself catching an epiphany during a visit back home realizing a sense of mental and spiritual liberation realizing the ultimate truth hidden from the masses.


TruRebel Migs’ style is a poetic mixture of clever wordplay, complex rhyme scheme and barrages of double and triple entendre that often results in listeners eager to rewind and hear new hidden messages embedded in lyrics with each listen. Several of his songs contain historical and biblical references sourced from a vast repertoire of literature along with his personal experiences regarding adversity and moral subject, leaving listeners with a bonded sense of connection to his sermon. His debut mixtape "The Books Of A Gnostic" (July of 2017), is a carefully constructed body of work which showcases his versatility in sound as well as delivery. This diary transitions smoothly between subjects such as drugs, death, incarceration, socioeconomics, comrade, history, spirituality, women, enlightenment, and anticipation of his success to astonish and make a change in the Rap Game and ultimately the ghettos of the world. 


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