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Genre : Hip Hop

Location : Chicago, Illinois


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A strategic, multi-faceted, multidisciplinary, certified and proud female representation of STEM and Arts, Antoinette “Toiné” Houston has been helping blaze the trail of User Experience Engineering for over 15 years; while continuing to make her mark as a professional Recording Artist, Author, Model, Actress and Poet.


Her eye for detail and innovation in the area of UX Research and Design Engineering have afforded Antoinette opportunities to work, live and mentor in/out of the U.S. Her STEM work has been highlighted on Network TV shows such as PBS’s, “Economic Outlook” and NBC’s “The Steve Harvey Show” and her work has been showcased within a number of industries, including federal intelligence & state government arenas.


Within the Arts, Toiné (as she is known on stage) is an accomplished Neo-Soul Lyricist and Spoken Word Artist. She also lends her “story” to high school youth and women organizations as a motivational speaker/facilitator. Her music and poetry spans across all genres and Ms. Toiné has even been nicknamed, “the Jay-Z of poetry” after the TVOne Network chose her as 1 of 4 poets (out of 400) to film her own commercial on behalf of the “My Black is Beautiful” Proctor/Gamble campaign and nailed it in 1 take!


Toiné has been featured on TVOne’s Verses & Flow and has shared the screen with seasoned television and film actors, such as Lawrence Fishburne, Jennifer Beals and Terrence Howard. Her recently debuted album titled, “Love States...” is an eclectic blend of Hip-Hop/Neo Soul/Jazz and Deep House. To date, four (4) of her singles have debuted globally on radio platforms and her/her music have been featured in Binge, One-Throne & Rolling Out Magazine to name a few. Antoinette is truly a Jane of many trades, and her path towards success within tech and art make her unique in her own right.

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