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Genre : Rock Fusion

Location : Los Angeles, California


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SCHWAGGERS is a rock fusion duo formed in 2017 in Los Angeles by brothers-in-law Christophe Filippi (vocals, guitars) & Kirk Kalbfleisch (drums, sampling); the name is derived from the German word for brother-in-law. Christophe is a French composer and music producer whose solo work combines traditional and modern sounds in music that crosses over from classical to alternative. Kirk is a jazz-trained drummer who records and tours with artists such as Coco Columbia, World's Finest, and Toothbone. Schwaggers' music is a rock base spiked with elements of jazz, funk, metal, reggae, and even Corsican music. In an industry where image is everything, Schwaggers are all about being taken very seriously, which they tell the world through their very serious band photos and very serious music videos.

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