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Genre : Hip Hop

Location : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Revolution is an artist, visionary, and music aficionado.  Far from your typical inner city rapper, Revolution’s music is described in two words - ‘magnum opus’.  In West Philadelphia born and raised (apply Fresh Prince jingle here), Revolution was known throughout his community for basketball and rapping.

Revolution has performed at many top notch, and reputable venues spanning between the East Coast to the Midwest. One of which is the legendary TLA on the historic and popular South Street in Philadelphia, PA.  Amongst 15 other competitors, Revolution won the “End of Summer Jam” Hip Hop competition there in 2013. 


Other notable accomplishments by Revolution are being given a special (front of the line pass) invitation to the Americas Got Talent audition in New York City in 2013, (an invite NEVER given to rappers), and also surviving the finicky screening process for NACA (National Association For Campus Activities) and chosen as a contestant in the 2013 Northeast NACA Regional Conference.  

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