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Genre : Punk Rock

Location : Montreal, Quebec


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Psychocide was birthed in New York City on a cold winter night in November 2012. Jack Daniels and Notting Hill Bin 808 red got involved alongside with some serious debauchery which took place between Brooklyn's Bushwick (which was not cool yet) to Manhattan's East Village. Along the way unprotected conversations accompanied by an acoustic guitar (Yamaha F-310p) took place, and this led to the accidental birth of "Street Named Desire."

Not much was learnt from this incident. We drove out west to San Diego, where we would change our ways and become gluten free, vegan, yoga practitioners. This was a great moment of awareness, self realization and discovery of our inner soul. Also a discovery of local IPAs, Cocktails, Brownies, Mushrooms and Postmates. Whereby 9 new(ish) songs emerged, creating the Album "Alcohol & Bad Decisions."

Those songs needed to be played to an audience and not just drum circles and spiritual gatherings, so we decided to drive north from San Diego to LA. But as luck would have it, we have a bad sense of direction and concept of time. So we ended up in Montreal. CANADA. Yes, CANADA. We are currently low on gas money, so we are stuck here for a while. If you would like to show your support to help us pursue our dreams, come to a show or buy a record, so we can maybe make it to Los Angeles or better yet the circus. 

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