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Genre : New Age Pop

Location : Reykjavík, Iceland


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Possimiste is a New Age character - a girl who  travels in time and space. As all the  songs are written in a state of lucid dreaming Possimiste  makes you  trip to surreal places, meet fairies and ghosts and dance around the bonfire with visitors from a far away star. Close your eyes, forget about the reality  and enjoy the journey through the fairy-tale-ish soundscapes of Possimiste.

The philosophy behind Possimiste is strongly influenced by New Agemovement and is brought to life by a young  Iceland - based Estonian artist  Leeni Laasfeld who created the character to make people see music as a meditation. The character’s partly-covered face is a peaceful  rebellion against the ego and appearance-driven entertainment industry and symbolises the idea of  music being a divine  art of  soul.   

Possimiste has been developing into the character she is today  since 2010. Although she started out purely as a musical  act Possimiste has now become a lifestyle artist who is also an author of a mindfulness  journal titled “TRIP” and the whole visual world around it. After being featured by Bad Panda Records in 2011 her music has scored numerous advertisements   for The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Design Within Reach and Spell Designs, to name just a few.


In 2015 her song ”Star Caesar” won UK Amazing Radio’s Alternative Eurovision while her  another single “Behind The Seas” is still one of the most downloaded Creative Commons songs on the internet  with more than 300 000 downloads. She also won the “Best Vocal Performance” and “The Most Original Composition” award  in the Recording Festival 2017, was nominated as “Radio FM’s Single Of The Year” in 2016  with Analogrunner  and - as many music journalist have agreed- the young and unique artist  has yet a lot of innovation to offer to the world’s 21st century’s music scene.

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