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Genre : Hip Hop

Location : Louisville, Kentucky


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Antonio Dionte Lamont Williamson was born and raised on the east side of Louisville. He doesn’t particularly have a genre of preference. He loves all music. Especially music with substance and meaning. Music is an outlet of expression for Piff . A platform for him to express how he feels about anything or to convey his feelings on a particular matter. He started off listening to Earth, Wind and Fire and then he was introduced to 2pac. He’s had an appreciation for music ever since his mom used to play music for him when he was younger. He gained the name growing up by battle rapping. His cousin told him that he spits that "PIFF" which is a slang name for strong marijuana. He told him that he would"blackout" and becomes someone else when he raps, that he turns into a dragon. So PIFF the Dragon became his name. He’s dropped a host of mixtapes including Cinco de Mayo, D. A. UNION, and Hope For The Streets. With the latest one released “COMBINE SEASON”.  He also writes alot of music for artists. He currently has a single titled Deangelo Russell in which he personifies the NBA player who is a Louisville native and take his career to metaphorically place himself in his shoes.

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