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Genre : Indie Pop

Location : New York

Fresh off her tour with Drake Bell, Petra Jarrar is your new favorite artist on the rise and her journey has only begun.


Known for her "hook-drenched, danceable, optimistic pop songs" and electrifying persona, Petra's early beginnings were quite humble.


Growing up in Fairfield, CT, Petra's first introduction to music came from her brother, an established musician, who taught her how to play the piano when she was two. As she grew older, Petra told her mother that she wanted to be "different" than her brother, and not follow in his classical music steps. So, her mother bought her Fender Strat; from that day on, everything changed for Petra.


While Petra always enjoyed writing, it wasn't she was twelve where she thought of setting her words to music. For several hours a day, Petra would write songs on both the piano and guitar. Soon, Petra sparked an interest in music production, and transformed her walk-in closet into a vocal booth and mini recording studio. In order to focus on her craft, Petra was home schooled throughout middle and high school.


At the age of sixteen, Petra completed her high school diploma was accepted to The New School. She moved to the West Village, and was quickly introduced to the live music scene, with venues such as The Bitter End just a block away from her front door.


Now living in NYC and wanting to get in with the music scene, Petra performed at open mics and showcases at venues all throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. She began to become well known for her live performances, and began to develop an impressive local following.


Her first single, 'Glamour Girl' was released in July 2015. The song was released to critical acclaim, and was praised for its "edginess," while also being able to hone in a "ethereal and nostalgic vibe." Since its release, the song has been spun on indie radio throughout the United States and Japan. Her song currently holds over 13.5k streams on Soundcloud alone.


Following the release of her single, Petra went on to establish her own band. She had an incredible demand from venues in New York, and went on the headline The Studio at Webster Hall, The Cutting Room, and Bowery Electric-- just to name a few.


Petra's popularity on the live music was not isolated in New York, but internationally as well. In Fall 2016, Petra was invited to perform a headlining ten day tour in Japan. She made appearances in cities such as Tokyo (Mona Records), Kobe (Art House & IZNT) and Osaka (Hard Rock Cafe at the Universal City Walk). She also performed a set at the Kansai Music Conference for a night in Kobe. Her tour was supported by D'Addario Strings, Evans Drumheads, Promark and Roland. who provided her with top of the line equipment for her and her band. Petra also toured Los Angeles after an invite to attend the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards in February 2017. Her tour included an exclusive show on Valentine's Day at The Mint LA.


Summer 2017 provided Petra with her biggest musical breaks as of yet. In July, she partnered with Guitar Center. Her first collaboration was a national advertising campaign showcasing her band's equipment. Her second collaboration occurred during the High School Nation Fall 2017 Tour as an opening act for Drake Bell. She performed for two weeks, with shows in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. For the tour, she took over Guitar Center's social media. During her behind-the-scenes tour diary for her Nashville show, she had nearly 17.6k people tune in on both Snapchat and Twitter! Currently, Petra is preparing to release her debut album, slated for Spring 2018. Although she has already achieved so much at 20, Petra is only getting started- so get ready.

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