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Genre : Alternative

Location : Cleveland, Ohio


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Driven by expansive dynamics, infectious melodies, and shimmering soundscapes, NIIGHTS winds through grooves of crashing rhythm and textural guitars. Ambient psychedelia juxtaposed with haunting, melancholic vocals spawns chilling performances reminiscent of early Smashing Pumpkins and 90's shoegaze. NIIGHTS enchants audiences by shifting from soothing dream-pop to aggressive rock. Fronting NIIGHTS is visual artist Jenna Fournier, whose soft, ethereal vocals and sparkling guitar float in extreme contrast to the roar emanating from the band. Guitarist Frankie Maraldo combines the clever manipulation of billowing, swirling sound effects with a raw, histrionic performance. His sonic chaos is anchored by the precision of Jeremy Dodge hammering on drums intertwined with the band's bassist/synthesist Jacob Chandler. NIIGHTS released their first EP A Tangle of Arms shortly after forming in 2010, followed by their debut album Whisper in 2013, which landed them a deal with 2670 Records in Japan. After a 2014 international tour, NIIGHTS signed with Tragic Hero Records (WMG) and remixed Whisper (recorded by Jim Stewart) with legendary producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple) for a re-release in 2015. Their follow up album is set to come out in late summer/ early fall of 2018.

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