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Artist : L.S.C | Genre : Electro Pop | Title : Touch

Artist Comments: 

While this conceptual video was intended to be merely a musical film-short, it's actually a somewhat blunt representation of what modern day cinema has to say about mankind.  Afraid of differences and change, being helplessly narrow minded, etc.  The vast majority of modern film shows tension between  the various races and religions of the world. In this video, however, we've decided to take it an extra step... with aliens.  Can't get much more alien than an actual extra-terrestrial, right?  In our video, we wanted to show the world that all you really need to bring everyone together is an open mind... paired with some good music, of course! The music genre of this tune transcends pop, alternative and electronic.  You can detect small hints of artists like Prince and Daft Punk, all the way across the sound spectrum to artists like the Postal Service.  This particular recording took place in a studio in Boston.  LA Studios, to be exact.  I've recorded a few local artists here and do the majority of L.S.C production here as well.  

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Artist : Trizzy Trav | Genre : Hip-Hop | Title : Thoughts of Ambition Pt. 1

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Artist Comments: Inspiration/Meaning:  So this video is to an interlude track of my first project called Thoughts of Ambition.  The video is supposed to represent what truly inspires me.  I used to think it was obtain money, expensive liquor, etc.  I later found out that it was the things that I have been through and the tribulations I had to overcome.  TI'll leave the rest to the interpretation of the viewer but I will say pay attention to all the props in the video and what is happening with them. 

Artist : STITCH81CLASSIC | Genre : Classic Underground Hip-Hop | Title : We, The People

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Artist Comments: The genre of music is classic underground hip hop, sonically, remnant of the 90’s era of hip hop music. The music and video alike were inspired by the current events of the world and people’s gripes about the state of the world but their lack of action towards creating the change they seek. The treatment for the video was inspired by the movie Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, set in the year 2084 where Schwarzenegger plays a man named Denis Quaid who comes to find that the life he was living was a false implanted memory meant to deter him from continuing his work as an agent who’s goal was to bring justice and equality to the people of his planet. 

Artist : Marcaux | Genre : Indie Hip Hop / Pop | Title : The Over Under

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Artist Comments: The Over Under is actually the last song I released under “Just B. Polo” before changing my name to Marcaux. The genre is Indie HipHop / Pop. I actually thought up the concept of the video to show sometimes what you see in the public is not exactly who the artist is or necessarily an image they agree with. Hence the reluctancy to be dressed nice to do a photo shoot after waking up hungover with a girl in a motel room. Luckily I had a great director like Patrick Linberg to make it come to life!

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