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Genre : Hip Hop

Location : Los Angeles, California


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Marty Boombox is from Los Angeles. His parents split and he was separated from his three brothers at age 5. He survived as a latch key kid listening and escaping to great musical artists from NWA to Metallica while rolling his bmx thru the streets.  At 7 he began writing poetry and at 11 he began playing the guitar, and it served him well as a terrific therapeutic device.  After years of grinding away in the LA streets, he dived in the Bay Area hip hop scene where he found the art profound with great influence and vibrant community.  As civil rights activism is a great mantra in the Bay, you rarely find a moment where that is not at the substance of motivation in Marty's art.  With the recent return to LA, Marty is poised to make his greatest work yet.  Exploring the  social hurdles of todays world are at the heart of the messages, but a personal revelation is always a necessary attribute.  He now has a young son and wife to support while making time for the art of rap music.  It's a struggle  between following your dream and keeping food on the table.  He can't let a 9 to 5 define him.  Recently he has a long list of collaborations but most importantly is working with producer Jay P.  Check out the songs "Get it", "Elixir" and "Nonchalant" to wet your palate for more to come.

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