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Genre : R&B

Location : Atlanta, Georgia


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MARENIKAE is exactly what her music delivers, an eclectic mix of rich African culture meshed with Western European subtexts and overtones. Her latest release entitled "Ajebutter" is a refreshing journey into the mind of a Nigerian millennial with womanist roots. Described as bold, cocky and a little arrogant, the project is laden with the familiar pace of African drumbeats and patterns, complemented by MARENIKAE’s signature sound. Rooted in a blend of neo soul and Afropop, the electronic and AC nuances throughout mesh to create what she describes as her style of Afro merge music. Her vocals range from sultry and passionate to flirtatious and bold; transitioning between tracks and sometimes verses. Besides its cultural influence, it’s evident "Ajebutter" is the product of the millennial mindset challenging age-old beliefs and cultural norms.

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