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Genre : Hip Hop

Location : St. Louis, Missouri


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In a state known for its "show me" nature, Loyaltyy has done just that. He offers an extensive array of artistry from rapping, singing, songwriting, & dance. Loyaltyy has portrayed star-quality characteristics from a very young age, using music as an release from the disappointments in life.

Originally born in South St. Louis, MO; Loyaltyy spent the last few years perfecting his craftsmanship, mastering his vocals and developing his diverse fanbase.  Drawing varies crowds, his versatile sound and mesmerizing stage performance have set him apart from an average artist.

Performing in multiple shows across the Midwest, including The Ice Cold Tour, The Showcase Tour, The Power Moves Tour, The Midwest Empire & The Sound of St. Louis. Loyaltyy was recently awarded the winner of the Power Moves Tour. Holding the title of "St. Louis's Best Unsigned Talent", gaining industry consultation from Nerve's DJs & Def Jams own; Big Heff.  Loyaltyy has created a non-stop buzz dropping steady stream of original tracks and singles. There is no doubt that Loyaltyy receives a positive response from the masses. His recent summer single “Hey Girl” earned 20k + views in only 24 hrs demonstrates the influence his music has on anyone who listens.  Loyaltyy prides himself on his passion, hard work, and dedication for his artform. 


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