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Genre : Rock

Location : Brooklyn, New York


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Late Sea is a NY based avant-rock band led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Izzy Gliksberg. The group is known for their dark ambient grooves which carry Izzy’s enigmatic Leonard Cohen like lyrics.  Much of Late Sea’s work is dedicated to combining music and visuals. They have been a regular performer at House of Yes, live-scoring films such as Edward Scissorhands, Lost Highway and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Late Sea’s new debut EP is a hybrid of music and film. The EP, entitled The Writers Trilogy is a homage to three writers: Frantz Kafka, Baruch Spinoza and Paul Celan. Each track on the EP references one of the writers who dealt with the psychological and philosophical consequences of a culture that lost its God. Late Sea were the first and only music act that received the prestigious Kevin Spacey Artist of Choice Award for their visual EP The Writers Trilogy. The EP features videos from Emmy nominated director Andrey Alistratov and Producer Hazuki Aikawa.  The project has been chosen to be developed and performed at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust earlier this year.

For The Writers Trilogy, Izzy was joined by internationally acclaimed trumpet player Sam Nester,  producer Yoav Shemesh, and up and coming jazz drummer Joe Peri.  The group has performed all around the East Coast in venues such as House of Yes, Drom,  Spectrum, Apple Studios, Rough Trade NYC, The Living Room, Pete's Candy Store, Silvana and National Sawdust amongst others.

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