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Genre : Pop Rock

Location : New Haven, Connecticut


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Laini and the Wildfire is a piano-fronted pop rock trio from New Haven, CT.  Their latest record, 'Wandering' , released in November 2017, blends the pop sensibility of artists like Adele and the raw edge of female-fronted rock bands, like Fiona Apple and Florence + the Machine, inflected with a touch 60s soul. Indie Spoonful (2017) writes: "Wandering is a stand-out album...Each song has potential to stand alone as a top-notch single, leaving listeners with plenty of memorable tunes that will be stuck in their head."


The band’s sound highlights Laini’s vocals, along with percussive piano, anthemic group harmonies, and the powerful rhythm of bass and drums—using guitars and other instrumentation as a subtle polish. Wandering explores past regret, future hopes, and fear of change in context of Laini’s decision to resign as a therapist to pursue music full-time.  The band has grown rapidly since the debut of their EP in May 2016, which ranked #5 album of the year by Cygnus Radio host G. Gone.


They were also named Best Pop Band 2017 by Indie Voice Blog, and were nominated for Best in State 2017 at the New England Music Awards.  Endorsements from Westone Audio, Moniker Guitars, and GMS Drums further validate the industry’s belief in the band’s potential. Together, Laini Marenick, Mark Marenick, and Rob Siraco have developed an identity that transcends generations and translates into a captivating live performance, where the band, along with Laini’s gold glitter piano, shines front and center. 

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