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Genre : Electronic

Location : Las Vegas, Nevada


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Kian’s mission is to transport listeners to a higher plane of consciousness through trance-inducing sounds, empowering words, and healing frequencies. He mixes the mystical sounds of the Santoor, a Persian instrument, with hard-hitting hip-hop grooves and gritty electronic bass to create a mind-bending experience.

He seeks to awaken listeners with exotic instruments tuned to perfection that are unknown to the western world. The colors created by his sounds paint the mind and heal the body. One of his favorite ingredients in every track is Bass, the vibration that moves the body, mind and soul. His second favorite ingredient: the Santoor, a mystical Persian instrument that provides a unique psychedelic experience.

Being Persian himself, Kian is bringing awareness about his culture to the Western world. His family left everything behind to seek a life of opportunity and abundance in the U.S. with nothing but $10,000 in their pocket. Growing up as an adolescent with both parents working all the time, Kian had to mature quickly. The transition wasn’t easy, but it provided him with wisdom that he wishes to share with the world.

In his heart, Kian knew he wanted to help the world in every way possible. He knew that changing the world started with one person: Himself. This meant becoming the best version of himself that he could possibly be, reinventing himself daily by seeking wisdom and light in a world that’s in the process of awakening. After much growth and illumination, Kian understood that the wisdom he had received from the universe was not his to keep, but to give.

It took years before Kian discovered his purpose in life, which is to be a channel for Divine Music to flow through. Since enlightenment, he has dedicated his life to perfecting and mastering the art of crafting music. This included diving into the secrets and esoteric side of music production.

Kian’s vision is to constantly create full sensory experiences that will leave an impression on the mind, body, and soul.

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