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Genre : Hip Hop

Location : St. Louis, Missouri


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Jarmel Reece is one of the best MC's out today setting himself apart from many other Hip Hop artists. Working alongside Grammy Award Winning/Multi-Platinum Producer SHAM from the Trak*Starz, who produced Chingy, Ludacris, Usher, Madonna, Janet Jackson, among others whom all have over 20 million records sold and counting, Jarmel has truly become known as ‘The Voice of the Nation’ emerging from St. Louis, Missouri, better than ever as a solo artist. 

Jarmel is committed to promoting positivity, not using vulgar language since going solo, and having realistic lyrical rhythm that highlight a creative genius unmatched by anyone in this era. With a style that represents every hood from coast to coast, Jarmel’s distinct vocal and lyrical combination of Midwest, Down South and East Coast flows set him above the over-glamorized fantasy life of current rap music. Jarmel’s concepts are vivid and relevant to today’s urban scene, satisfying even the most die-hard hip-hop purist. This drive earned him his current position within The Interstellar Music Group family. This power-packed combination is destined to bring a higher dimension of greatness to the current 3-D entertainment industry. 

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