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Genre : Indie, Art + Dream Pop/Alternative/Folk

Location : Georgia

Indee (“Indee Killed the Pop Star”) is Jennifer Zuiff an alternative artist currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Indee is the flower in your rifle, a brief glimpse of hope in a dystopian future. Melding her operatic upbringing with dreamy art pop, jazz flourishes, and a massive cinematic sound, she carves out a niche which is truly her own. The hybrid vocals and unique style have been described as a delicious mingling of Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, and Fiona Apple.


Recently landing Spotify's "New Music Friday" playlist "Open Highway Headstart" (a collaboration with San Francisco-based Cold Arizona) along with her precursor single to her debut EP "Colors" both songs are now over 300k streams. A frequent and memorable performer in the Atlanta music scene, Indee brings a sound all her own to be reckoned with. Find her now on all major streaming services and keep an ear out for her debut Indee EP as well as the Cold Arizona full length album in 2018.

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