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Genre : Hip Hop

Location : Atlanta, Georgia


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Hef is an American Pop Soul Hip Hop Artist, and Producer, Born on June 24th 1996 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, but grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. While being raised out of foster homes, Hef had to work hard for everything he’s wanted and needed in life. So it’s not surprising to see this new young artist drive and determination to reach chart topping success in the music industry. His mission has been to “prove to any and everyone that dreams really do come true, especially if you put in the hard work and dedication”.

Hef ended up moving to Atlanta, Georgia, where he not only put things into his own hands, but pushed his creativity to the next level. Meanwhile Hef was able to build his musical talents by adding production and engineering to his list. Hef figured if he wanted to not only stand a chance in the industry, but to stand out and stay relevant in the industry, by staying true to who he is. Hef is a verified Instagram user with a following of 88,000. 

Bizie is a Pop-Soul rapper-songwriter, producer, music engineer. He was born  on September 29th, 1992, in Norfolk Virginia. His family moved to Virginia Beach, VA, where he attended rapper Pharrell Williams alma mater Princess Anne High School. Bizie began rapping at age 15 and later formed the rap group Young Hungry. Growing up, he was influenced by rappers like Lil Wayne, JAY Z Erykah Badu, and Ms. Lauryn Hill. He holds a degree in Audio Technology from SAE Institute in Atlanta. His debut album titled Seven was inspired by and dedicated to his hometown. Bizie now resides in Atlanta where he continually writes and produces his own music. Bizie currently has over 2 million streams worldwide. 

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