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Genre : American Rock

Location Brooklyn, New York


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The east coast 'Queens of the Stoneage', God Tiny is an American Rock band created by childhood friends from the Hudson valley, now based in Brooklyn, NY.  Their note-worthy moments have been opening for Jadakiss at the Bushwick Block Party, winning the NYC Deli Magazine artist of the month, headlining the 2016 Anomalia Festival, founding and nationally touring with Nomadic Creator. God Tiny released their debut album “The Space Inside Your Head” in 2017. New single “Dream Lotus” produced by Max Shrager (the Shacks, Charles Bradley) is coming soon!

"They’ve got all the fuzzed-out guitars, background organs, and blues melodies you need for this kind of stuff, channeling anything from Savoy Brown and Spooky Tooth to Duane Allman riffs to MK II era Deep Purple to Jack White. That’s God Tiny’s bread and butter, but they’re not content to stick to one sound. “Weaves the Flow” sounds like a modern update of “The Weight,” “Wet Paint” is a prog-metal trip that sorta sounds like Pallbearer meets Alice In Chains meets Sabbath, and “Awaken” kinda sounds like Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” on acid. God Tiny know how to pull this stuff off and bring all these sounds together for a cohesive record." - Brooklyn Vegan

"God Tiny is a quintet that pulls off blues rock remarkably well - which ain't easy, because it's a genre that, due to its limited harmonic palette, can get boring easily. The Brooklyn band, though, in particular in single "Cosmos" is able to create an engaging, tense, and imaginative psychedelic arrangement, enhanced by powerful riffs and gorgously gritty distorted guitars. The vocals deserve a particular mention too, as they soar above the sea of instruments with a tone and flair reminiscent young Robert Plant." - The Deli Magazine

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