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Genre : Hip Hop

Location : New Orleans, Louisiana


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Alexandros "Filey" Pantazis (26 yrs old)  is a Greek-American Recording-Performing Artist/Producer/Audio & Visual Engineer, out of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Filey is also Vice President/Co-Founder of Niko Nightlife.  Established in Dec of 2011, Niko Nightlife was the newest & most successful Marketing/Promotion Firm coming out of New Orleans, created by Niko Pantazis (President/Founder). When Niko Nightlife approached Republic New Orleans, Republic was 6 weeks out of going into bankruptcy.  But after signing a deal with Niko Nightlife, they established the biggest and most successful weekly event at Republic New Orleans and regularly packed the building to capacity for 156 consecutive weeks.  The main act was the trio super group: Filey, DJ BZRK & DJ TRIP (and sometimes special guest/djs). 

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