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Genre : Alternative Hip Hop

Location : Temecula, California


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Devon, born and raised in Wisconsin, is now a rising artist/producer based in Temecula, California. His music gives an electronic feel, but it’s still dope Alternative/Hip-Hop influenced music. He has always been a fan of guitars whether it’s just simple riffs, or complex plucking rhythms. Bigger blogs and platforms started to notice Devon in the beginning and middle of 2017. With the help of his girlfriend on the guitar, Elizabeth Ho, he was able to create his hit song called “Renegade”. Renegade is a grungy, alternative, hip-hop song that represents the rebellious side of himself. 


Growing up he never listened to Hip-Hop/Rap. His influences at around age 8 were Blink 182, Sum-41, Good Charlotte, and the list goes on. He started listening to Rap/R&B music when he was around the age of 11. He states “Eminem was the first rapper I’ve ever listened to, I still remember the first song I listened by him as well, “Cleaning Out My Closet”. Later in the years, he started writing poetry which helped him with his creative writing. As his writing would get better and better, he would make “funny” songs. These songs were not made to be serious what-so-ever. After he found out people started liking the way he flows, he ended up buying his first microphone at the age of 14. 


Devon says he plans on releasing new content very soon. His unreleased single “Bad Status” will follow with the genre of his hit song “Renegade” and followed up song “Faded”. Bad Status is about him using women and being a “fuck boy” as everyone else would say. It’s has a very catchy, electric/acoustic mix to it. He does not have a certain date on when it will be released. 

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