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Genre : Rap

Location : Washington, D.C.


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Rapper DC Flyz was born Melvin E. Key Jr. on August 6, 1991, in Washington, DC. Raised by his father and grandmother, the cards were seemingly stacked against him. Yet, deep within he knew he would rise above his circumstances and without excuse play the hand he had been dealt. 

The golden years of 2005 – 2007 served to widen the distance between the gloom of his past life and the life he had always desired. As a student at Camden Military Academy (South Carolina) DC Flyz was on a course destined for greatness. He was introduced to the world of sports—lacrosse, wrestling, soccer and varsity basketball. His love of “the beat” led him to the drumline where he earned his ‘cred’ as a fierce drummer. All seemed right in his world until a series of bad choices kicked off a downward spiral leading to his removal from the academy. 

Living the lyrics he raps, “Pain don’t last forever...keep fighting for what you believe in.”—he fought onward and with the help of his loving grandmother, he finally earned his high school diploma and continued his academic pursuits enrolling in two community colleges—in Florida and later in Baltimore. In the midst of the numerous starts, stops, and relocations one thing that remained constant was his acceptance onto the basketball roster. 

Today, his musical roster is a reflection of the grit, the grind, and the goals that fuel his rap career. The discipline he learned from his years at Campden Military Academy has earned him a feature on several mixtapes with Mr. Dj Sneakydog, CEO, and Owner of Sneakydog Inc. He has opened for celebrity Hip-Hop artists such as Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz, AR-Ab, Dark Lo and King of Philly Gillie Da Kid and has headlined several events.

Look for his new album this summer (2018). DC Flyz is signed to his own label, CrankemUp Nation, which he released in 2017 and is currently in production shooting the video for the well-received “IDK Why” from his E.P. entitled “Self-Made”—available in all digital stores. In 2016 DC Flyz released his self-titled mixtape, “#DC”, hosted by DJ Sneakydog along with 24K Mixtapes CEO DJ Pop Dukes. This mixtape has been an excellent portrayal of his growth as an artist with an ability to attract a large following both online and with live performances. 

Since he started rapping at the age of 16, DC Flyz has produced music in rapid succession. DC Flyz continues to exude the strength, perseverance, and discipline that will undoubtedly support his climb up the Hip-Hop rap charts. 


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