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Genre : Pop

Location : Indianapolis, Indiana


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Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Chaylyn is a unique and pure act whose faith and desire to impact others inspires her to perform. 

With a sound that has often been compared to Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz, Chaylyn is a refreshing artist who offers fans real music in a world of electronically created tracks and beats.

She is ranked both globally and nationally on the Reverberation singer/Songwriter charts and her single, “Butterflies”, has been featured on multiple Reverbnation playlists and has earned the attention of music executives, producers, and other music industry professionals. 

The singer hopes to use her music to speak to people and reach people in even the darkest places. Her story, which she tells at nearly every show, is one of overcoming years of abuse and shame and she hopes to allow her past and victory over it to show people that there is hope even in the most hopeless places and situations.

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