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Genre : Melodic Rock

Location : Puyallup, Washington


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Blue Helix is ​​an independent rock band from the state of Washington, USA and São Paulo, Brazil formed in 2008 and founded by songwriter Sami Chohfi. Following the sacred footsteps of the 1990s movement, their music is a perfect blend of melodic rock and powerful heavy grunge. The band is known for their high energy live performances and their ability to connect deeply with their audience. Blue Helix is ​​proud to write songs with positive messages that offer inspiration and leave their fans with a sense of hope. Blue Helix won the Puget Sound Battle of the Bands in 2015 and a Brazilian national competition promoted by Radio Rock 89 and Movida in 2017. Their anti-bully anthem, Anti-Social Butterfly, was in rotation for two months on Radio 89 and hit the top 10 last December. Blue Helix has just returned from their first tour in Brazil, March of 2018. Blue Helix is Sami Chohfi, Marco Bicca, Arman Birang, and Brandon Wolf Gebhardt.

Commentary from the artist: 

Blue Helix still remains true to the roots of Rock. We create music thats unapologetic. sincere, and with purpose. Our anti-bully anthem Anti-Social Butterfly has helped our band recently tour Brazil, reach the Huffington Post, and outstretch a following even in places like Africa. We are a hardworking Independent band that continues to fight in an industry where only the persistent and strong truly survive. Our goal is to connect emotionally with our crowd and leave them with a sense of hope.

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