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Genre : Alternative Hip Hop

Location : Los Angeles, California


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André Jay is a Hispanic artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. Coming onto the scene with a very unique style due to his Mix of Spanish and english lyrics. Growing up in Woodland, Ca (20 Mins from sacramento) he became very interested in music early on due to his family members. His Grandfather being a christian singer with two albums to his name, Uncle being an insanely gifted piano player, As well as an uncle and cousin being Djs; it was a no brainer for him to pursue music.


At 19 he moved to the state of North Carolina where he interned at Roland Pro Sound, where he learned how to engineer. After two years of being in NC he moved to Los Angeles where he's been pursuing music full on. Performing around the city of Angeles he has been building a fan base. He's been active since 2015 and has seen a lot of growth since, a lot of great things await this young Ambitious artist. 

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