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Genre : Hip Hop

Location : Marietta, Georgia


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Straight out of North Atlanta (Marietta), Alamar is a fresh face in ATL whose sonic innovations bring an even fresher perspective to the genre. Signed to New Liberty A&M, Alamar’s sound is more than just rap. Deeply personal lyrics accompanied by fresh, edgy composition define this breakthrough artist’s style. Striving to bring a sense of honesty to hip hop and music in general, Alamar’s sound refuses to conform to the typical confines of the genre. 

Coining the phrase rebel hip hop, Alamar’s signature flavor mixes jazz, soul and rock vibes to name a few, combined with experimental live instrumentation. Able to compliment various aspects of a beat, from the percussion in the forefront to the melodies and rhythms in the background, Alamar’s flow is that of a seasoned lyricist. 

Alamar’s name comes from a combination of his two middle names, Alan and Lamar. Growing up listening to 2Pac, Outkast, and other legends, Alamar wrote his first song when he was in the first grade. Inspired by many types of music, Alamar’s work is universally relatable, pleasing any type of crowd and bringing a balance that few artists of his generation can offer. 

Alamar’s home Label, New Liberty A&M, is a collective that was created to showcase artists across a broad spectrum of formats, from rappers and classical musicians to painters and much more. His current project, From All Angles, features several stand-out tracks that showcase his refreshing and motivating style, such as Vent, N My Day, Selfish, and Take it EzzzE.

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